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5 Great reasons to buy handmade

Forever not just for now

Most handmade items are made to last. They are made from materials that will withstand time and you’ll most probably keep them for a long time. Although it’s tempting to get a deal than pay a higher price, spending less typically means you’re getting less. There is a higher chance of lesser quality of material, less integrity of product and less trust where it came from.  

There’s a story to tell

When you buy a handmade product each item is made by real people. Someone has out thought and concentrated effort into creating something original from scratch. Think about it, there is so much thought that goes into the item not just by the artisan but also the buyer who clearly value the art of the craft. The world needs more of this! 

Keeps the craft skills going

By supporting artisans, you are also supporting the craft skills they practise. In a bigger picture this will also help pass on skills to the next generation and keep the art and craft alive. Using our hands is a primal need and we should all find more hands-on work to foster creative thought and improve psychological well-being.  

It’s unique 

Unlike things that as mass produced, handmade items that are produced multiple times will never be the same. This makes the product unique and purchase very special. Nobody in the entire world will have the same item as you and that’s pretty cool!

  • Better for the environment
  • When you buy handmade chances are there are no large factories or large

    production facilities involved. Chances are artisans care greatly about where their materials come from and will pay more for quality. It’s a win-win situation because buyers can then enjoy better quality products as well!