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Our Story


Teresa was born in India and at a young age moved to Canada where she now resides with her family. An ever growing need to make a difference in this world saw her packing her bags and travelling back to and around India where it all began for her. The culmination of this journey was the moment Apkka was born. 

At Apkka our mission is to promote handmade. Artistry and using our hands is a primal need. Evidence of these inclinations date back to tens of thousands of years. As creatives we want to grow our business with intention and focus on the larger ethics.

Our bags are designed in Toronto and handcrafted from vegetable tanned leather by local artisans in Kolkata, India. Our aim is to forge a connection with every link in our supply chain. We want to put people and the planet first while also allowing us to make a sustainable profit. We are actively choosing what kind of world we live in. We are building a community.

Check out our supply chain and all the hands that played a role in creating Apkka.